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A new build detached house in East Sussex occupies an elevated position on a gently sloping site with principle views looking south, towards the South Downs.

Two brick farm buildings are to be demolished and a timber barn at the southern end retained/built. It comprises of two distinct blocks with double pitched roofs and hipped ends. The scale and form are redolent of barns found in the area and the overall shifting roof geometry relates to the undulating silhouette of the South Downs.

Accommodation is on two floors with the lower below the sloping ground level and contained by a continuous retaining wall. This excavation extends beyond the house footprint to form two sunken gardens. Excavated material is used to build gently raised berms to contain the gardens and ensure the lower floor is hidden. Elevations are clad in locally sourced chestnut vertical boarding. 

South Downs, Sussex.

Unrealised, 2009.



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