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Three bronze roots extend from the courtyard perimeter to its centre twisting and spiralling upwards to become five ascending triangular ribbons of lightly polished stainless steel that dance and weave and then diminish and dissipate to a point 20 metres from the ground. 

The roots with their earthly coloured surface are cast in bronze and as they rise at the centre, they transform to the silvery light of stainless steel. The twisting sinuous surface of the ribbons reflect and harness the light to appear and dissolve in equal measure. The bronze roots begin flat and flush with the contours of the courtyard profile and then rise as triangular sections, partially embedded in the ground surface, to form seating before undulating and finally twisting and rising to become ribbons. 

Light mapping will animate the work by using light projectors mounted discreetly and flush with the ground. The sculpture will transform imperceptibly by day and night and in all light conditions and the light can be choreographed and programmed for different occasions.

Peninsula Hotel, London.

Unrealised, 2019.

In Collaboration with Shirazeh Houshiary.


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