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Inspired by the Olympic Rings, the sculpture consists of five ascending steel ribbons that unravel from the ground, spiralling up to 75 metres. Each of the ribbon rise at a different wavelength and intertwine and weave gently upwards. From a distance, the twists appear random, but to view it up close or to look up from the centre of its base revealsa more purposeful concentric movement.

The ribbons are made from polished and textured stainless steel which, in changing light conditions, will animate and dissolve as if in dance. This is enhanced at night with fibre optic lighting, embedded in the nodes of each ribbon, extending upwards the entire length.

The sculpture aims to be an iconic part of both the Olympic Park and the skyline of the city beyond. It can be interpreted in many different ways. The Olympic ideal - 'swifter, higher, stronger' - is manifest in its form and structure with the dynamism of the ribbons suggesting the stretching of sinew and muscle in the pursuit of performance. 

It may also be seen as the flame that ignited the Olympic movement and as a long lasting symbol and identity for the park.

Olympic Park, London.

Unrealised, 2009.

In collaboration with Shirazeh Houshiary.



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