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Chrysalis is a 9m long double twisted matrix of hollow anodized aluminum bricks, a 4 colour blue-toned inner core pulsing within a 4 colour violet-toned outer skin suspended in the central staircase of Jimmy Choo’s flagship store on Bond Street. 

Chrysalis is a cocoon, a space and time of transition, informed by ideas of transformation and metamorphosis.

Viewed from the lower ground floor it appears as a vortex extending the full height of the stairwell with its intricate multi-dimensional core visible. It is a helix that seems to move and stay static at the same time. It is multi-faceted and lively on the outside and calm at its core, transfixing the viewer and inviting them to look deep within to experience the variety and nuances of colour and light.

Bond Street, London.

Completed, 2014.

In Collaboration with Shirazeh Houshiary.



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