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A new-build house off Portobello Road, West London. The artist and client, Anish Kapoor, preferred two principal spaces with abundant light for living/eating and drawing/contemplation. These are separated and served by a central core of bathrooms/kitchen, circulation and services. The house divides into a series of spatial and experiential opposites that interact with one another.

Curved ceilings and walls define the living area with high level light from the front and rear to contrast with the skylight above the central atrium and studio. Diffused light permeates to the ground from a continuous slot of glazing on the north elevation. 

Details are simple and material choice spare. Floors are polished concrete or oak strips with Roman stone for the bathrooms. Walls and ceilings are white plaster to contrast the exposed concrete core. Anodised aluminium frames punctuate the white rendered external facades.

Portobello Road, London.

Completed, 1996.

Photos by James Morris.


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