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An existing farmhouse occupies a significant and elevated site in central Alentejo. The brief was to masterplan the site to include the design of a new separate guest wing, along with other facilities including a pool. The guest wing nestles within a hilly outcrop and in proximity to the farmhouse.

Extensive excavation and remodelling of the landscape was required to minimise its profile. The sloping contours of the roof are punctuated by light wells and additional access is gained by descending from the roof and through a grotto at the centre of the plan. A vineyard occupies the entire hillside, extending to the earth roof.

The three en-suite bedrooms and living space all have individual views to the sea. The frontage is deliberately ambiguous with a jagged outer wall of masonry with simple openings leading to planted courtyards. All exposed walls are finished with local schist stone and the growth of climber plants is encouraged to further embed the building within the landscape. A zigzag inner glazed wall with sliding openings provides the threshold to the building. All internal walls are profiled timber shuttered white concrete.

Alentejo, Portugal.


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