Pip Horne Studio

Hereford Road

The property is a five bedroom five storey semi detached house with an east facing rear garden. The rear of the house was remodelled to include a new two storey predominantly glazed extension with lead roofs. This offered better internal organisation and much improved natural light and to form a integrated dining area and living room over ground and lower ground levels with double height void. The concept was a series of gently sloping roofs starting from a bay window at first floor landing level and falling to garden terrace level and punctuated by glazed panels.

The main roof is finished in lead. Riven slate grey panels fill the side cheeks adjacent to the party wall and then extend down to finish as cantilevered eaves at the lower roof level.

completed 1993
photos: James Morris

Hereford Road Hereford Road Hereford Road Hereford Road Hereford Road
Hereford Road